Without agriculture, there would be no cannabis market, which is why it is as crucial as the professions and professionals that revolve around it.

Agriculture is a crucial sector of the industry, because this is where everything begins.

Cannabis jobs related to agriculture

In this article, we will see who are the professionals in the legal cannabis agriculture industry and what are their main tasks and responsibilities.

Cultivation technician and trimmer

Trimmer and cultivation technician are some of the most demanded jobs in Cannabis Farms. These professions require physical effort, adaptability, and the ability to stand or sit for many hours.

They are crucial and essential roles in any farm, and it is certainly a good way to enter the cannabis sector.

Some of the tasks of a cultivation technician or trimmer are:

  • Daily care of plants, irrigation, transplanting, pruning
  • Trimming
  • Fertilization
  • Sanitize and keep the workplace clean

IPM Technician (Integrated Pest Management)

The IPM Technician is responsible for pest control, disease evaluation, treatment, and of course, prevention.

Some of the tasks of an IPM technician are:

  • Regularly monitor plants for diseases and pests
  • Periodically identify pests, viruses, and cultivation diseases
  • Introduce useful biological substances according to IPM operating procedures
  • Cut, prune and transplant plants


The grower is responsible for the entire cultivation process: from propagation to harvest.

He works under the directives of the cultivation manager or master grower. This profession can be physically demanding.

Some of the work tasks of a grower are:

  • Cloning, transplanting, feeding, defoliation
  • Drying, curing
  • Waste management
  • Prevention of pests
  • Installation of irrigation systems and environmental controls for greenhouses and indoor settings
  • Inventory of installations

Cultivation Manager or Master Grower

The cultivation manager is responsible for the entire production site, and as a member of the management team, he is responsible for the end-to-end cultivation of genetics, propagation, and post-harvest.

Some tasks of the Master Grower are:

  • Supervision and management of the cultivation plant personnel
  • Management of the cultivation plant
  • Maintenance
  • Disinfestation
  • Develop the cultivation program and calendar
  • Plan budget and workforce
  • Ensure compliance with the structure
  • Ensure Farm quality standards
  • Climate control, monitoring, and management of the environmental system: lighting, temperature, air recirculation, CO2…
  • Analysis and reporting of data on batches, analysis, performance…

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Source: carrerscannabis.com