The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and thanks to legalization, a large number of jobs are created, some that have never existed before.

Just like other industries, the cannabis industry also generates many jobs that do not involve direct contact with the product being sold. Thus, it is possible to have a new cannabis career without directly touching the cannabis plant.

In short, those who want an alternative to the standard job options can consider evaluating the new “CannabisJobs” at any time.

Job opportunities in the cannabis industry

In the cannabis industry one may work directly with the cannabis (or hemp) plant in areas of the industry such as cultivation, extraction, fiber production, packaging, delivery or distribution. But it is also possible to perform a task that helps support the company without ever having direct contact with the plant itself.

Indeed, one can qualify for fantastic cannabis-related opportunities with education or experience in industries such as sales, marketing, design, technology, culinary arts, legal support, creativity, translation, research, or certain skilled trades such as electricians, planners, or air conditioning specialists.

Simply put, when it comes to the legal cannabis industry, jobs are available for multiple types of professionals. Some people even choose the entrepreneurial route by starting their own company (an option that carries many risks but also many financial rewards if they are successful).

The situation of CannabisJobs in USA

It is certain that legalization opens the door to the possible creation of a sophisticated industry that is destined to create more and more jobs, business opportunities and obviously new revenues for the government.

The example from overseas teaches us that as cannabis products are legalized (such as edibles or vaporizers) the greater the growth of the market and the jobs that the industry can offer.

Unfortunately, at the moment the legal situation in Europe is not similar to the American one, so the sector is limited in its growth.

The growth of companies that produce and market products with CBD or hemp has certainly increased the job offer on our continent as well and we hope that in the coming years it will be possible to see a real interest on the part of governments to ensure that this sector has the space it deserves and finally obtain competitiveness with other countries where legalization has taken place for some years and which without a doubt they have a lot of advantage in terms of technology but also of knowledge of the characteristics of the business.

Forecasts for 2022 in the U.S. indicate that the legal cannabis market can generate more than 467,000 jobs.Leafly” report indicates that more than 211,000 Americans were identified as having employment positions in the sector in the year 2019.

The roles could be: growers, extractors, but also auxiliary jobs that have nothing to do directly with the plant. The most numerous “auxiliary” jobs in the cannabis industry are lawyers, accountants, marketing, sales or logistics professionals.

According to data reported by the famous American job advertisement page “Glassdoor“, from 2018 to 2019 there was a 76% increase in publications of offers related to the legal cannabis sector, numbers that represent the real growth of opportunities related to legalization .

Tips for finding and getting a job in the legal cannabis sector

Often, the best way to transition into the legal cannabis industry is to look for jobs that use our current skills; it is also possible to find the same type of work that we are doing, but in a more stimulating sector.

The most important aspect is being able to show how our skills match the position we want to get.

Specific training is essential to gain a competitive edge in the cannabis job market and as in any industry it is important to stay up to date with training courses and visits to trade shows or events.

If we have experience or knowledge of the cannabis plant (even just as a hobby) it is important to specify this in the curriculum. For future employers it could be the deciding factor when choosing between various candidates.

Also remember to always introduce yourself as professionals, not as “smokers”. We are certainly not expected to consume cannabis in the workplace; professional skills and behavior with colleagues and superiors are what really matters, especially in this sector, companies do not want to attract negative stereotypes.

To seek a career in the sector it is important to keep constantly updated on possible offers. On we verify the ads to allow only real companies in the sector to be able to publish, we are also at your disposal to help and advise you at any time of your search.

If you are thinking about starting a career in the field of legal cannabis or have already had experience and want to share it, leave a comment.