Do you want to work in a cannabis dispensary? Here are some tips to become a Budtender.

What does a Budtender do?

Budtenders help people find the best products based on their needs and learn more about using cannabis.
Just like a bartender is a mixologist for cocktails, a Budtender finds the right cannabis strains, edibles, extracts, and vaping liquids for each customer. The best Budtenders are closer to pharmacists, finding the right cannabis-based products to treat different symptoms and conditions. hey are also considered the “weed sommeliers,” the experts who can help users have the most positive cannabis experiences possible.

Having a passion for cannabis in all its forms is necessary, as well as being a great communicator. A deep knowledge of cannabis, including all its strains, types of concentrates, edibles, and topical products, is essential to be a Budtender.

Familiarity with the science behind the effects of cannabis and how it acts on our body is essential to provide excellent service to customers or members, as well as knowing the conditions that can be improved with the plant and recommending the right products to offer the best possible experience.

Remember that excellent customer service skills and a lot of empathy are required, and offering a friendly service is just as important as competent service.

You must be able to focus on the desires and needs of customers in order to recommend the most suitable products. A good Budtender is responsible for the satisfaction of a dispensary’s customers, as well as an expert in cannabis in all its forms. Keeping up with the latest cannabis trends is vital: you need to attend fairs, research products, and know the different breeders and latest genetics on the market.

Apart from customer service and cannabis knowledge, Budtenders are also responsible for administration, inventory control, and software for managing products and customers. It’s important to be precise, neat, and organized.

Tips for getting hired as a Budtender

1. Obtain adequate training on cannabis

To be a good budtender, your knowledge of cannabis should be comprehensive and constantly growing. Learning about the terpenes and cannabinoids of each variety, including their effects, smell, and taste, is a good starting point.
It is also essential to know the various administration methods and different types of cannabis products.

Want to get trained on cannabis? Click here and search for our online training courses, suitable for beginners or professionals.

2. Develop good communication skills

Having good communication skills is crucial for any budtender. While some customers may know exactly what they want, many will only have a general idea.
A budtender should create a safe space where the customer can explore their options. Remember that a cannabis dispensary shares many similarities with any other retail store, so having any experience with customer service will bring you closer to getting a job as a budtender. If you don’t have direct experience with customer service, you can think about your past jobs and find examples where communication with customers was one of your responsibilities.

3. Don’t be the “stoner” stereotype

While Kathy Bates’ character in the show “Disjointed” as a dispensary owner is charming and entertaining, the “stoner” stereotype is far from the current perception that the cannabis industry wants to convey. o break down prejudices, dispensaries require a balanced and professional staff. Show off your knowledge and help destroy negative perceptions of the industry, for example, by avoiding going to work right after smoking. In a highly competitive industry, professionalism is always appreciated.

4. Visit dispensaries

f you are an aspiring budtender, the best thing to do is to visit dispensaries and get to know their values and what they expect from their staff.
Talk to some of their budtenders and get an idea of how their work is organized. Make sure you work in a dispensary that complies with the regulations of your state and always request a work contract that matches your experience and training.

5. Get an idea of the menu

A quality dispensary requires that their budtenders are knowledgeable about everything that is offered on the menu. Look for this information in advance, don’t be caught unprepared, and make sure you stand out from other candidates! One website where you can find a lot of information on various strains and the latest industry trends is Leafly.

6. Stay updated on regulations

Dispensaries and cannabis products are subject to a constantly evolving set of regulations. Even in the first US states to legalize recreational cannabis use, such as Washington and Colorado, rules are still being modified and updated. So instead of relying on the dispensary to educate you on what the laws are, study them in advance so that you can establish yourself as a compliant and competent candidate. Remember, regulation is still a big issue for dispensaries.

Pros and Cons of being a Budtender

Being a budtender is not for everyone, but for some, it’s a dream job.

Some advantages:

  • If your passion is learning more about cannabis, being a budtender allows you to do what you love every day.
  • Helping customers overcome symptoms like pain or anxiety can be rewarding.
  • Working in the growing cannabis industry can be exciting and full of possibilities.

But like any job, being a budtender has its downsides.

Some disadvantages:

  • Customer service and teamwork are a must. If working with people is not something you enjoy, it may not be the right job for you.
  • Being a budtender is not just about recommending cannabis products. Administrative tasks necessary for managing a dispensary are part of the job.
  • Budtenders do not earn as much as some other positions in the industry, but it can be a starting point for an interesting career in the cannabis industry.

Common questions asked in a Budtender job interview

Apart from general questions about your knowledge, you are likely to come across situational or behavioral questions that will allow the employer to analyze your mindset on customer service.

Here are some of the most common questions during a Budtender interview:

  • What is your previous work experience with direct customer contact?
  • How would you describe good customer service?
  • Do you know the products of our dispensary?
  • How would you handle a person’s complaint about one of our products?
  • How would you respond if a customer disagrees with your suggestions?
  • What are the current trends in the cannabis industry?
  • Tell me about a situation where you had to handle a conflict with a customer and what you did to resolve it.

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In the next article, you will find an interview with a Budtender from Barcelona, who will tell us how she started her career and give some useful advice for those who want to work in the cannabis industry!



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