In this series of interviews, we report the experiences and opinions of those who have made a profession out of cannabis.

Growers, breeders, biologists, marketing experts, budtenders, sales representatives, and other industry professionals explain how they started their careers, the challenges they faced, and how they trained to get where they are.

We discover what they think about the current and future situation of the cannabis industry and finally ask for some useful advice for those who want to become cannabis professionals.

Interview #7 – Carlos Vera

We had the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Vera, an expert in molecular biology and founder of Bovē Health, a company specialized in the development of beauty products based on cannabinoids.

In this interview, he will talk to us about his experience in the cannabis industry, the educational path that led him to become an expert in this field, the challenges he had to face in starting his company, and finally, we will ask for advice for all those who want to start working in the industry and don’t know where to begin.


Carlos Vera in his laboratory

What is your typical workday like?

My job involves developing new formulas, ideas, and products related to cannabinoids and beauty in Spain. I am also the founder and CEO of Bovē Health, and responsible for the research and development of all the products we bring to the market.

What was your educational path to get to this point?

My path so far has been an exciting journey, which has included several research experiences at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

From the University of Queensland to Laval University, passing through the University of Oxford and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, I have had the privilege of collaborating on research projects of great scientific and social interest.

It has been a rewarding experience that has enriched my knowledge and provided valuable resources to my current work with Bovē Health.

Do you think that specific education is necessary to obtain a job related to cannabis?

In general, a combination of specific knowledge and skills is required to obtain a job related to cannabis. In some cases, specific education in health sciences, biology, chemistry, or agronomy can be useful.

Moreover, experience in the cannabis industry, particularly in areas such as cultivation, extraction, processing, distribution, and sales, is an important advantage.

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and constantly evolving, so a continuous learning and adaptive attitude is essential to thrive in this field. Specific education can be helpful, but the combination of skills, experience, and flexibility is crucial to succeed.

When and why did you start working in the cannabis industry?

I started working in the cannabis industry because I saw an urgent need to elevate knowledge in this field, especially at the scientific level. As a specialist in the endocannabinoid system and its applications in health and beauty, I understood the importance of rigorous research and innovation in the cannabis industry. I am proud to work in this field and to continue exploring the potential of cannabis to help people in various ways.

How was the Bovē Health project born and what are your goals?

The Bovē Health project was born with a clear and motivating goal: to bring the benefits of cannabinoids and plant-derived products to society, especially from a cosmetic standpoint.

We strongly believe in the power of cannabinoids to improve health and wellness, and our mission is to bring these benefits to a wider audience. We are dedicated to innovating and developing unique and effective products, and we believe that the key to achieving this is a combination of rigorous research and a customer-centric approach.

We are committed to transparency, quality, and safety in everything we do, and we strive to establish the highest standards in the industry. With Bovē Health, our goal is to empower people to look and feel their best, and we are excited to continue on this journey of discovery and growth.

Bovē Health products

Was it easy to start a business in the cannabis industry? What were the main challenges?

Starting in the cannabis industry is never easy, especially in Spain. If you are a scientist, the challenge may seem even more daunting.

However, from my experience, I have learned that the most valuable things are often difficult to obtain. The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and growing, and there is much to discover and explore. Despite the initial challenges, I have found a vibrant and passionate community of people who share my commitment to advancing science and innovation in this field. Moreover, I am excited to see that more and more people are opening their minds and are willing to learn about the potential of cannabis for health and wellness.

Although the road can be difficult, every small progress and every achievement is a victory that brings us closer to our goals. I am motivated by the challenge and opportunity to make a difference in the cannabis industry and society at large.

Bovē Health products

Do you love your job?

Yes, I love my work with great emotional and scientific passion. I feel a great passion for science, plants, and particularly cannabis and its potential to improve health and wellness.

Every day, I am excited about the possibility of exploring beyond what we already know and discovering new applications and benefits for cannabis and its components.

The opportunity to develop innovative and effective products, based on rigorous research and a commitment to quality and safety, is a constant source of motivation for me.

Furthermore, the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others and to educate society about the benefits of cannabis and plants is equally exciting to me. My work is a source of passion and satisfaction that inspires me to continue growing and exploring in the cannabis and biotechnology industry.

Carlos Vera

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in the cannabis industry?

If someone is interested in working in the cannabis industry, my advice would be to start educating themselves on the science of cannabis, its components, and its applications, and to keep an open mind to learn and evolve with the industry.

It is important to stay up-to-date on local and national laws and regulations, and to be willing to work hard and persevere despite the obstacles and prejudices that may still exist around the cannabis industry. I would also recommend seeking opportunities to collaborate with other professionals and organizations in the industry, whether it be through social media, conferences, study groups, etc.

In summary, I believe that to be successful in the cannabis industry, it is important to be a constant learner, have perseverance, and commit to ethical and quality values in one’s work.


It has been very interesting to learn more about the work and vision of Carlos Vera in the cannabis industry. Thank you for his willingness to share his advice, and we hope that his success at Bovē Health will inspire others to follow the path of cannabis in a responsible and innovative way.