Summer is coming and probably if you are reading this it’s because you’re not yet on a hammock in the sun, but you would like to be. It’s normal, since holidays are essential for recovering strength, resting, and focusing on ourselves.

Many people find the days before their holidays stressful, with responsibilities to delegate, work to organize or complete within the expected deadlines.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at pre-holiday stress and also provide some useful tips to ensure that the wait for your vacation doesn’t wear you down.

Pre-holiday stress

The days immediately preceding the holidays are the ones in which managers and professionals most commonly experience physical fatigue due to heavy workloads, excessive responsibilities, or daily conflicts with colleagues.

Usually, those who suffer most from pre-holiday stress are highly committed individuals who feel obligated to complete their work before going on vacation.

How to know if you too suffer from pre-holiday stress?

Here’s a clue:
You feel distracted, unfocused, and tired. You experience stomach pain and heart palpitations, especially during work.

If you identify with these symptoms, don’t worry. There is a remedy for everything.

How to overcome pre-holiday stress

Start by organizing your workspace and your schedule, making sure to prioritize everything.

Planning ahead will help you feel more relaxed, and knowing that you have everything under control will allow you to finally enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

If you have the opportunity to delegate some responsibilities, do it. You won’t regret it. It’s not pleasant to spend your vacation days attached to the phone or computer, and you risk coming back to work even more tired than before.

Don’t forget about your physical well-being, try to exercise and control your breathing. If you don’t feel like signing up for a course, use YouTube and look for tutorial videos.

Avoid heavy foods, eat properly and try to sleep at least 7-8 hours, stay away from unnecessarily stressful situations and surround yourself only with positive people.

Don’t rush, don’t count the days, hours, and minutes that are taking you away from your vacation: calmness is the keyword! Allow yourself some time to relax every day, time just for yourself and your hobbies or activities that make you feel good.

Remaining relaxed will help you be more mentally flexible and better evaluate any unexpected events or setbacks. We cannot predict the future, so relax and focus on fully living in the present moment!


As you may have deduced, to deal with the days leading up to the holidays, it is essential to be able to “disconnect” and completely disconnect from work, leaving it in the office.

Complete your working hours and then stop thinking about clients, tasks, or deadlines.

It’s not easy, and that’s normal because we are used to a routine that demands effort and dedication for many hours of our lives. We stay alert, check our phone and emails, sometimes even during the weekend.

After years of routine, we function on “autopilot,” and it’s normal to have difficulty focusing on different activities, not just you.

Stress can cause long-term problems, and in some cases, it can lead to various emotional or psychological imbalances.

Living in a constant state of exhaustion (chronic stress) is very harmful to mental health and can cause problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

But every moment is the right time to change your attitude towards life, so try to follow these tips and try to disconnect during your vacation to enjoy them and recharge your batteries.

You do it for yourself, but also for your work and your career! Surely, upon returning from vacation, you will bring much more positive energy to the work environment if you have truly been able to disconnect from your obligations and carve out time exclusively for yourself and what makes you feel good.

We wish you to spend your well-deserved vacation totally disconnected from work and to come back with even more energy than before.

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