In this series of interviews, we report the experiences and opinions of those who have made a profession out of cannabis. Growers, breeders, biologists, marketing experts, budtenders, sales representatives, and other industry professionals explain how they started their careers, the challenges they faced, and how they trained to get where they are.

We discover what they think about the current and future situation of the cannabis industry and finally ask for some useful advice for those who want to become cannabis professionals.

Interview #6: Bobby-K

Surely many of you have already heard of Bobby Kalada: hash maker, grower, and consultant who has collected over 50 awards in the most important competitions over the years, including: Master of Rosin, Legend’s of Hashish, Dab a Doo, The Ego Clash, and Homegrown Cup.

We went to Barcelona to talk to him, find out what he told us about his beginnings, and what he hopes for the future of the cannabis industry in Europe.

How did you train to get to this point?

I began my professional approach to this industry 12 years ago with A.I.R.A.M. I have a background as a “weed-lover” in every way, and my training has been primarily self-taught, with great help from the internet but also from constant discussions with other professionals in the industry. Over the years, I have had the opportunity and fortune to collaborate with various brands and people, but even today, I continue to train because in this field, one can never say that they have completed their learning since cannabis research always brings many new developments.

Do you think that education plays an important role for those who want to enter the cannabis industry?

I believe that education can never be considered complete, especially now that legal barriers are being removed and cannabis is reaching more and more university research laboratories and medical studies.

It is essential at this moment to have a basic knowledge of this plant to be able to enter this job sector, to be able to assist customers or patients in the best way possible and to continue to fight against misinformation which has undoubtedly been one of the main antagonists of cannabis for years.

Do you love your job? Why?

I can consider myself very lucky to have lived these experiences and to have created a job in this industry that allows me to wake up happy every morning and go to work with a smile, despite there still being many issues to be resolved. Being in constant contact with nature opens up an inner side that, on the other hand, is taken away from us day by day by expanses of concrete, pollution, and TV.

How do you see the legal cannabis industry in Europe in the next 10 years?

Honestly, I see the future of cannabis in great ferment. Switzerland is starting an interesting pilot project, Germany is talking about legalization in the short term, and even in the Netherlands and Spain, there will be legal improvements in the coming years.

A piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to work in the cannabis industry?

My advice is to gain a lot of experience and conduct many tests in order to learn directly from your mistakes. It is important to never set limits for yourself and to remember that in order to constantly improve, it is essential to take advantage of all the educational opportunities that come your way.


We thank Bobby-K for his availability, his advice, and for the beautiful images that you can appreciate in the article.

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