The goal of the figure is to create a direct connection with our customers and growers, manage demand, disseminate, promote and educate on the use of our products. The development of a net of connections and information through the implementation of education and dissemination activities such workshops, events.


Expected outcomes:

·       Mapping and database entry of all active stores in Geographic Area and most of the cannabis flowers farms

·       Sales increase

·       Brand protection

·       Product Knowledge and seminars organization (2 x month)





1 – ON THE ROAD 70% time

·       From 10 to 15 growshop weekly visits

·       Education

·       Account activation

·       Market research (Questionnaire)

·       Grower / Farm connections

·       Identify Flagship Stores

·       Organize 2 monthly PK Sessions in selected growshops


2 – FROM THE OFFICE 30% time (home)

·       Daily meeting with the Area Manager

·       Mail management

·       Training on products

·       Cold calls, agenda set up

·       Recall on active clients

·      Grower support

·       Find “influencers” and “brand lovers” and use their visibility to push AN




4 – German and English working language


Required Skills/Abilities:

Excellent interpersonal and customer relationship skills.

Successful experience in building and growing a sales territory.

Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

Ability to function well in a high-paced and sometimes stressful environment.


Education and Experience:

Agronomic knowledge of the crop.

Proven successful experience in sales, if possible, in nutritional businesses.

Understanding of the sales process and dynamics.


Personal requirements:

Energetic, driven.

Sense of urgency.

Competitive attitude.



Effective Date: As soon as possible




Acerca de Advanced Nutrients

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