HLVD – Analysis and Prevention Methods
HLVD – Analysis and Prevention Methods

This course has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of HLVd (Hop Latent Viroid).

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This course has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of HLVd (Hop Latent Viroid).

We will provide useful knowledge on how to manage the presence of infected material, how to prevent the spread of the viroid, and finally, we will give an overview of specific analysis methods for HLVd.

Participants will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge about these pathogens and their interactions with the cannabis plant, as well as apply this knowledge to improve the quality and productivity of their cultivation. The course also includes the intervention of experts who have had direct experience with HLVd.

This course is aimed at all professionals in the industry who wish to expand their knowledge, work safely, and maximize the results of propagation (cuts) or harvesting.


  • What viruses are
  • How they infect plants
  • The most common cannabis viruses-viroids
  • What viruses are
  • Excursus on methods of analysis
  • disease management
  • Eradication of the viroid
  • Insight into Hlvd: symptoms, methods of infection.
  • Specific analysis methods for Hlvd
  • What to do in the presence of infected material
  • How to prevent infection
  • Direct experiences
  • Laboratory solutions
  • Questions and answers


*** CannabisJobs advises to carefully check local laws in every application case. CannabisJobs does not promote the illegal use, sale, distribution, processing, consumption, or cultivation of cannabis or hemp in any form or manner.
*** This course is solely for the purpose of scientific and cultural education and information. All Cannabisjobs courses are exclusively for adults.

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Course duration

3 hours 15 minutes