In this series of interviews, we report the experiences and opinions of those who have made a profession out of cannabis.
Growers, breeders, biologists, marketing experts, budtenders, sales representatives, and other industry professionals explain how they started their careers, the challenges they faced, and how they trained to get where they are.

Interview #9- Ying Hau COO-EUROPE TROLMASTER

We had the privilege of catching up with Ying Hau, the Mastermind of Operation of TrolMaster Europe, ho shared with us the driving ethos of their company and illuminated how cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize the growing cannabis industry.

During our engaging discussion with Mr. Hau, we explored the core of their operations based in Viterbo, Italy. Despite this geographical grounding, Ying Hau disclosed a dynamic work approach, often situating himself in Belgium to adeptly navigate the bustling landscape of European activity. This strategic maneuver allows him to effortlessly traverse the continent, ensuring his presence in pivotal locations where the company’s innovations are causing a stir.

And as our conversation drew to a close, we couldn’t resist asking about the attitude required to thrive in the cannabis sector. Intrigued? Delve deeper into our interview to discover his insights.

What are your main responsibilities in your current job position?

As the head of Europe, my responsibility is to build out the TrolMaster (and ThinkGrow LED) brand in Europe and steer the company towards operational excellence, efficiency and success, while foreseeing and navigating future challenges and opportunities.

How did you start in the world of technology and what were the factors that drove you to enter the cannabis cultivation sector?

I am someone that is passionate about Technology and I heavily apply this to make life and work as efficient as possible. I ended up in the sector by chance. And with the sector gradually changing into a more corporate environment, my corporate and management background in combination with my European roots were the perfect fit.

What is your company’s motto?

Defy Limits, Define Growth.

The company was set up by a highly experienced industry engineer and a businessman who have the vision of creating a Brand that develops equipment that addresses the needs of cultivators. We are also challenging the status quo that cultivators who are passionate about cultivating are forced to spend all of their free time doing what they do. Often there is barely time left for partners, friends and family. Not to mention the constant worry in the back of their mind. I am of the belief that there is a smarter way to cultivate by automating the cultivation process. By doing this, we are giving cultivators their precious time back and are in better control of their cultivation. They also have remote access to what is happening and get sent alerts should something go astray.

What are the main technological challenges that the cannabis cultivation sector currently faces?

The lack of implementing technology into the sector is probably the main challenge for many. Whilst the larger medical cannabis cultivation facilities are backed by investors or have sufficient funds to invest in equipment, the majority of cannabis cultivators that, often struggle to balance investment vs risk of losing everything.

How has technology revolutionized or improved the processes of cultivation and production in the cannabis sector?

In the past, a lot more guesswork was involved. Unless you were an experienced cultivator, it was very difficult to understand what was going on with the plant. Advancements in precision agriculture allow for more controlled and efficient growing conditions. Technologies such as automated watering, lighting systems, and climate control enable growers to optimize conditions for each stage of the plant’s life cycle, ensuring better quality and yield. Technology has also led to the creation of new strains with specific characteristics, such as higher THC or CBD levels, and ensures consistent plant quality. Due to Advanced genetic engineering techniques and tissue culture being used for strain development and the preservation of genetics.

What are the main technological innovations that Trolmaster has developed or used to optimize large-scale cannabis cultivation?

We developed a range of innovative technologies to optimize large-scale and home grown cannabis cultivation, focusing on environmental control, automation, and efficient resource management. Our system allows for the full control of lighting, aircons, HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, CO2 equipment but also monitoring medium humidity, EC, PH and controlling your irrigation schedules, just to name a few. Providing an integrated approach to maintaining the ideal conditions for cannabis cultivation. The beauty of the system is that you can truly fully automate your cultivation with the added benefit that you can access and control everything remotely.

What are the emerging trends in the application of technology in home growing?

It’s amazing how much is changing! If you think about it, the technology available today basically allows someone cultivating at home, to apply almost exactly the same techniques as what a commercial cultivation facility would use!

What is the right attitude to enter the cannabis industry as a professional? Do you have any advice for our readers?

It’s a dynamic sector with many existing and new players coming into the market. If you want to stay ahead of the game, stay educated on what is happening in the industry, network and ask questions.